1. Do we have to organize travelling to Monfalcone ourselves?

Yes, everyone has to travel to Monfalcone by themselves. If you are based in Hungary we recommend going through Slovenia. You can reach Monfalcone in 5.5 hours from Budapest by car.

2. What’s included in the price?

The price includes the rent for the caravan for 4 people, the resort fee, electricity and gas use, parking for one car and using all the facilities of the campsite, like the swimming pools and slides.

3. If less than four people use the caravan, is the price lower?

No, the prices are for one caravan, not for the number of people.

4. What can we find inside the campsite?

The campsite is clean, tidy and fenced. You can find a food shop, a pizzeria a restaurant, a coffee shop inside the area. There is also a room where you can play, a tennis court, a mini-golf area, a football field, a playground, a dog run area, a swimming pool, slides and a jumping tower.

5. Is the beach sandy?

The beach is sandy, but there are small pebbles as well. The seafloor is sandy. There are also trees on the beach, so that you can find a place with shadows. You can also rent sunshades and sunbathing beds.

6. What do we have to bring with us?

Ágyneműhuzatot (lepedő, nagypárna, paplanhuzat) esetleg kispárnát annyi főre ahányan érkeznek.A konyhába mosogatószivacsot, mosogatószert, konyharuhát, fűszereket. Az esti sétához pedig nem árt ha van nálunk szúnyogriasztó is.

7. Can we bring our pets with us?

Yes, you can bring your dog or cat with you, the campsite is pet friendly. There is a separate running area for dogs and a beach site where they can swim. But please notify us before the trip that you are bringing a pet with you.

8. How long does one vacation period lasts?

The schedules start between Saturday, 11 am to the next Saturday at 10 am.

9. Can we only make reservations between Saturdays?

No, you can arrive and leave on different days, as long as those days are free.

10. Is there any extra fee?

A lakókocsikat mindenki kitakarított állapotban veszi át és úgy is kell visszaadni. Érkezéskor 10.000 Ft kauciót kell letenni, amit távozáskor visszakapnak ha minden rendben van a lakókocsiban.

11. How can I make a reservation?

You can find all the information to contact us HERE.

12. How can I pay?

Foglalásnál 50% előleget kell fizetni , a maradék 50% pedig érkezés előtt 30 nappal.

13. How can I cancel the reservation?

Az utazás kezdete előtt 30-15. nappal a részvételi díj 30%-a, 15-8 nap között a 70%-a és 7 nappal az utazás előtt vagy lemondás elmaradás esetén a bérleti díj 100%-a fizetendő.